Jul 2011 25

Friday August 5th, h. 21.30

Piazza Giovanni Paolo II

Event “Short Cuts”

Screening of short films and award to the crew participating in the competition Nuts “Short Cuts”.

Saturday August 6th, h. 21.30

Piazza Plebiscito

NociCortinfestival 2011


  • Cuore di Clown by Paolo Zucca (Italy 2011)
  • Protect the nation by C.R. Reisser (Germany – South Africa 2010)
  • The astronaut on the roof by Sergi Portabella (Spain 2010)
  • Omero bello di-nonna by Marco Chiarini (Italy 2011)
  • TU & EU by Edward Shieh (USA 2010)

Short Projection competition winner “Short Cuts”

Sunday August 7th, h. 21.30

Piazza Plebiscito

  • Stand by me by Giuseppe Marco Albano (Italia 2011)
  • DaisyCutter by Enrique Garcia e Ruben Salazar (Spagna 2010)
  • L’ape e il vento by Massimiliano Camaiti (Italia 2009)
  • Kavi by Gregg Helvey Usa (India 2009)
  • Profile by Timo Pierre Rositzki (Germania 2011)

Short Projection which won the “European Film Academy”

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