This group of young and motivated people, gathered into the association Nocicinema and sharing a strong interest for art conceived as source of culture and above all a place where different realities meet, developed in time specific skills and competences in the fields of planning, production and implementation of quality audiovisual products.

The qualified and well mixed staff is in charge of the following divisions:

Artistic Direction: Vincenzo De Marco

Hospitality and Institutions Relationship: Piergiuseppe Laera

Logistic and Setting up: Francesco Curci

Marketing, Communication and Cultural Promotion: Tonio Guagnano e Gianvito Turi

Overall and Administration: Antonio Intini

Press Office: Marianna Colagrande

Collaborations: Antonella Barletta, Giuseppe Bini, Gaetana Bruno, Grazia Campanella, Krizia Carucci, Vito Carucci, Alessandra Curci, Terry Curci, Antonella D’arconso, Chiara D’arconso, Ina De Marco, Margherita Dongiovanni, Ezia Campanella, Rossella Fanelli, Francesco Galassi, Armando Genco, Virginia Genco, Cinzia Guagnano, Delia Guagnano, Roberta Guagnano, Enrica Intini, Marinetta Intini, Niki Intini, Pietro Laera, Gianluca Lippolis, Peppe Lippolis, Felice Maggipinto, Giandomenico Marchitelli, Teresiana Matarrese, Davide Montanaro, Giovanni Montanaro, Maristella Palattella, Vanni Pirulli, Lucrezia Pulito, Antonella Plantone, Roberta Putignano, Isabella Roberto, Chiara Simone, Elisabetta Tinelli, Fausto Tinelli.