Every year NociCortinfestival involves many volunteers and cinema lovers offering their precious time and help to contribute to the successful realization of the event and support the growth of the project, aiming at becoming a point of reference for all cultural activities of the territory.

Collaboration to the festival is an unpaid position particularly addressed to young cinema lovers looking for a chance to get qualifying experience in this sector. You may choose the sector you want to join in and, accordingly, you will be in charge of different tasks and duties. Your commitment will be part-time.
If you feel you can offer your contribution, send an E-mail to: info@nocicinema.it

Add your personal details, educational qualifications, foreign language skills, previous working experiences and indicate the field of your interest among the following:

•    logistics and events management;
•    press office;
•    setting up of spaces (design and installation);
•    welcoming, reception and international relations;
•    subtitling of competitor films;
•    simultaneous interpreting;
•    advertisement communication and promotion;
•    technical assistance;
•    web marketing;
•    web master.