The partnership with the Beijing Film Academy represented an important opportunity for social and cultural exchange.

Together with the Chinese Academy, Nocicinema organized the conference “A Film Festival Meets the East: Cinema, Identity and Integration”.

A Chinese short-film and an Italian documentary opened and inspired a debate on the connections among cinema, culture and identity. The screenings and the following debate took place in a Seventeenth century cloister and had the participation of experts and cinema lovers. The conference was organized by Nocicinema in order to promote the openness of two cultures through Cinema.

The following people participated in the conference: Pan Ruojian, Wang Jing and Liu Jia (Professors at the Beijing Film Academy), Margherita Sportelli (sinologist at Fondazione Italia-Cina), Paolo De Falco (Film director).

“The opposite shore” by Shen Ao and “Leonardo” by Paolo De Falco provided a description of both contemporary Chinese society and integration process of the Chinese community in Italy. Chinese cinema of the latest years came out very vital and creative despite the censorship of the government.


First part

Screening of “The opposite shore” directed by Shen Ao

Professor Liu Jia- Introduction to Beijing Film’s Academy

Professor Wang Jing- “Chinese cinema: numbers, popularity, prestige and prospects.”

Dr. Pan Ruojian- Italian and Western Cinema in China. The Italian-style comedy and the Chinese comedy: similarities and differences.

Second part

Professor Margherita Sportelli – Cinema and points of contact between Italy and China. Perception of a Nation.

Paolo De Falco- Cinema as a tool of knowledge. Leonardo: a film talking about Chinese community in Italy. Leonardo screening by Paolo De Falco.