The first screenplay competition for TV series

The predilection to develop fast-growing genres in the Italian market helped to launch in 2010 the first screenplay competition for TV series “Serial Writer”.

“For its subtle irony with which he portrays the Italian political world, for the freshness of Gerry’s character and for its solid TV structure … Trusting that the series and characters development will measure up to the pilot episode”.

With this recognition, the quality jury – including screenwriter Luca De Benedittis, producer Tommaso Arrighi, director & writer David Casals-Roma and director Gianluca Sportelli – has announced the award for Principi e Peonesby Marco Marchionni and Roberto Menotti. The winners attended with four other finalists the Award ceremony of “Serial Writer”.

The five shortlisted finalist scripts (80 screenwriters who took part in the competition) are:

  • “A providential disaster” by Marco Poli
  • “ Bar condicio” by Fratelli Bolivar
  • “ I tre piatti della bilancia” by Francesco Grasso
  • “ La sfida del Minotauro” by Luca Sotgiu
  • “ Principi e Peones” by Marco Marchionni and Roberto Menotti