Among narrow streets and unique courtyards, under stony chimneys and ancient loggias, between the shadows of centuries-old churches and peaceful olive trees, there is a community infused with both tradition and new cultural experiences. This is Noci, the setting of “Taglia Corto”, a short-film competition organized by the Nocicinema Association. We challenged ten film troupes from across Italy to come to Noci and shoot a short-film in just eighty hours.

With “Taglia corto”, the aim of the 2011 edition of Nocicinema was to combine artistic and social experience. Filming in Noci, our aim was to have the filmmaking teams explore different locales, different people and different traditions.

Movie camp 2011: 10 participating crews - 8 short films produced.

Movie camp 2012: 8 participating crews  - 6 short films produced.

Movie camp 2013: 9 participating crews  - 8 short films produced.

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