Jul 2013 22


21:00 – Piazza Papa Giovanni Paolo II

Screening shorts of the competition Taglia Corto


9:30 – 13:00 Laboratori Urbani g.lan

Conversations of film direction. Shooting, Action, Direction. Edited by Ivano Fachin.

19:00 – Palazzo ex pretura

Visions of … artist’s books in collaboration with the “Presidi del libro di Noci

International Exhibition of Artist’s Books – by Maddalena Castegnaro & Enrico Rapinese of the “Presidi del libro”, Archive Artist’s Book “VerbaManent”.

21:00 – Villa Lenti

Screening and award winning shorts of the competition Taglia Corto.

Screening feature film

Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue by Giacomo Campiotti with Filippo Scicchitano, Aurora Ruffino, Luca Argentero.

Following an interview with the director and lead actress by Maurizio Di Rienzo.


18:00 – 20:00 Laboratori Urbani g.lan

“A Journey through the cinematography” by Roberto Girometti.

21:00 – Villa Lenti

Screening short films of the competition NociCortinfestival

  1. SettanTA by Pippo Mezzapesa (Italy  - 9:06 min)
  2. The muse by Sophie Barthes (France – 5:00 min)
  3. Vai col liscio by Pier Paolo Paganelli (Italy – 12:00 min)
  4. Colours in the dust by Jonathan Stack (Haiti – 5:47 min)
  5. Preti by Astutillo Smeriglia  (Italy – 21:00 min)

Awarding short film section HollyShorts Film Festival

Love and skins by Virginia Cassavetes with Nick Cassavetes (U.S.A. – 27:00 min)


21:00 – Piazza Plebiscito

Screening and award winning shorts of the competition NociCortinfestival

  1. Sleight of hand by Michael Cusack (Australia – 10:00 min)
  2. Matilde by Vito Palmieri (Italy – 9:52 min)
  3. Ammore (LOVE) by Paolo Sassanelli (Italy – 14:00 min)
  4. Fool’s day by Cody Blue Snider (U.S.A. – 19:09 min)
  5. Not anymore: a story of revolution by Matthew VanDyke (U.S.A. – Syria  14:29 min)

Short film screening out of competition

Pots & Litds by Giulio Poidomani (Italy – U.S.A 16 min)

Following NociCortinfestival Official Party

C / O the old road to Putignano, Contrada Fongio 1.5 km from city center

free admission


President of the jury Enzo DeCaro (actor)

Angela Prudenzi (journalist and film critic)

Ivano Fachin (director)

Maurizio Di Rienzo (journalist and film critic)

Roberto Girometti (director of photography film)

Presenter: Clive Malcolm Griffiths! Stay tuned!


The Apulia Film Commission Foundation and the BIF&ST presents

“The drawings by Federico Fellini’s Book of Dreams” by Angela Bianca Saponari.

From 25 July to 7 August. Chiostro delle Clarisse. Opening 18:00 – 22:00.

From 29 July to 4 August, Educational tour with the festival guests through the most beautiful film locations in Noci.

For info and reservations:

ph. +39 340 2625599

All scheduled events are free admission.

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