Jul 2013 08

Congratulations to the filmmakers whose films have been selected to compete for this year’s NociCortinfestival Award! You will be able to watch for free the short-films selected August the 3th and the 4th in Noci, one of the most beautiful locations in South of Italy.

Stay tuned to the Nocicinema website for further updates!

Official Selection 2013:

  • “Ammore (Love)” by Paolo Sassanelli (ITALY)
  • “Colours in the Dust” by Jonathan Stack (HAITI)
  • “Fool’s Day” by Cody Blue Snider (U.S.A.)
  • “Matilde” by Vito Palmieri (ITALY)
  • “Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution” by Matthew Van Dyke (U.S.A. – SIRIA)
  • “Preti” by Astutillo Smeriglia (ITALY)
  • “Settanta” by Pippo Mezzapesa (ITALY)
  • “Sleight of Hand” by Michael Cusack (AUSTRALIA)
  • “The Muse” by Sophie Barthes (FRANCE)
  • “Vai col Liscio” by Pier Paolo Paganelli (ITALY)

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